2015 Goals: Serving More


2015 marks the first year that I decided to write down my goals.

I recently came up with 26 unique goals and figured out their unifying feature: a desire to serve more. I want to serve more in every area of my life, including donating more to charities, spending more time with loved ones, and delivering more value to motivated students.

2014 was an incredible year for Shemmassian Academic Consulting, but I realized how exclusively working with students one-on-one limits our ability to serve the most students and families possible. Therefore, I'll be expanding services to writing blog posts and offering seminars about various topics, including:

  • How to start an application essay by writing a great “hook”
  • When does a personal statement become too personal?
  • “I’m not that special. What should I write about?”
  • Reducing psychological barriers to gaining admissions and receiving scholarships
  • How to assess fit between students’ strengths and interests and universities’ offerings
  • The current university admissions and financial support climate

I'm also soliciting requests from students and families for blog posts and seminar topics, so please be in touch! I very much look forward to serving you all in 2015 and beyond.