Feeling stuck? Below is a short list of the most frequently asked questions.

How can you help me? What specifically do you do?

Students often struggle to find the qualities that truly set them apart. They often feel that they're not as impressive as other applicants or that they don't have a unique story. Moreover, students often have difficulty delivering this information in a captivating way. This is especially true for prestigious university admissions and scholarship applications (e.g., Rhodes, Fulbright, Soros, etc.). I help students explore their unique qualities and talents and consistently demonstrate these attributes throughout every section of their applications (e.g., short answers, essays, supplemental materials). The various sections of an application must complement one another and create a common thread in readers' minds. I help students deliver their narrative separately for each application based on what specific committees are looking for. These efforts help my students present themselves as ideal candidates across all applications.

Do you help me write the essays? Do you have me write an essay and then critique it?

I work with students throughout every step of the application process: 1) intensive brainstorming to explore the qualities they want to convey; 2) planning and outlining; and 3) multi-round editing/reworking. The number of edits required is determined on a case-by-case basis and involves a discussion with students about whether their essays portray them in the intended way. My students write their own essays after brainstorming and planning to ensure that they communicate with their own voice. Admissions committees prefer to read authentic and personal essays from individuals who can communicate their passions and goals, as well as how they plan to make their mark on the world. My students bring forth their passions and goals; I help them deliver this information in an engaging and effective way.

Do you give me sample essays from people who have been previously funded like yourself?

Yes. However, I typically provide other applicants' (de-identified to ensure privacy) essays only after the brainstorming phase, where we discuss the qualities students want to communicate and how they want to communicate them. Providing essays too early often leads to applicants trying to write their story using another person's voice and structure. That being said, you can find actual college and scholarship essays throughout my blog.

I know professors and others who could help prepare applications. How can you be of service to me in a way that is uniquely different and more valuable?

Many students have excellent academic mentors and other support systems who excel at academic and/or creative writing that could help edit essays and provide helpful feedback. However, admissions applications could not be more different than these standard writing approaches. Beyond editing essays and providing feedback, I draw upon my personal experience writing and consulting many successful applications to help students present themselves in an engaging and effective way. I work for my studentsI encourage them and keep them accountable. I edit all essays within 24-48 hours. I even explore other promising scholarship opportunities that students may not have been aware of but seek applicants with their backgrounds and strengths.

Isn't it expensive to work with an admissions consultant?

The last thing I want is for price to be a barrier for motivated students to receive high quality guidance. Therefore, I offer multiple packages for my premium services, as well as custom packages and payment plans to fit your goals and budget. That being said, college and graduate degrees cost tens of thousands of dollars. The strength of your admissions essays and applications greatly influence your overall chance of admissions and whether or not you get into a top program. The program from which you graduate impacts future admissions chances (e.g., medical and law school) and the type of job and salary you eventually receive. Therefore, the price to work with me now is relatively tiny in comparison with your future career and earnings.

My value comes from my personal experience in graduating from an Ivy League School and the top graduate program in my field debt-free, and having years of experience helping other students achieve similar successes. I can help you do the same.

Why don't you charge per hour?

I don't charge per hour because I believe it would be unfair to students. I don't want to charge any student more for an application because I spent a lot of time working on their materials. My passion is to help all students achieve their potential and reach their goals, and I enjoy giving as much of my effort that is required. Not charging per hour helps avoid surprises. My students can trust that I will not recommend additional unnecessary edits to charge more, nor will they question the number of hours I've spent assisting them. Rather than charging per hour, I charge per application or set of applications within a given admissions cycle. 

Do you work with students in-person or remotely? Do you work with international students?

I typically work with students remotely (email, phone, Skype, etc.) but am happy to meet in-person for an initial introductory and exploration session in the Los Angeles area. Working remotely helps reduce barriers to reaching more students and allows me to work with American and international students.

How do I know you're amazing? Can you tell me more about yourself? 

The greatest compliment to my work comes from former students' and parents' testimonials and Yelp reviews. I would be happy to put you in touch with these people. The pertinent information about me and my work can be found here and in speaking with my references.

I am so confident in my ability to improve your application that I want you to sign up for my services risk-free. Therefore, I offer the following satisfaction guarantee on all service packages*:

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied by my first set of essay edits, I will issue a prompt and full refund. Just send me an email to take advantage of my 7-day money-back guarantee. There's only one condition: Please tell me the main reason you weren't happy with my services, so I have a chance to make them better.

*Satisfaction guarantee does not apply to a la carte services.