Stand Out, Get In

Stand Out, Get In is the college prep program that will teach your family the exact steps you need to take each semester of high school to achieve college admissions success.

Whether your child is a newly minted freshman, a sophomore experiencing her first AP class, a junior bracing for ACT & SAT prep, or a seasoned senior who is ready to apply to his dream school, there are certain stresses and questions that come with every step of the college admissions process.

Our focus on just-in-time learning will help you deal with the important foundational concepts that will help reduce stress with all of the nitty-gritty college admissions must-dos.

Find and Win College Scholarships

Find and Win College Scholarships is the trusted system to help your family find scholarships your child can actually win, and the tools needed to earn thousands of dollars in free money.

Winning Essays

Winning Essays is our proven 5-module, step-by-step online video course designed to help your child craft standout college admissions essays to get into his or her dream schools—without the stress. The course will support your child through every aspect of writing great college essays, from finding the right topic (even if he or she has no idea what to write about) all the way to polishing his or her essay. The course includes the very same approaches we use with our students to help them get into America’s top colleges.

Higher Scores Test Prep

Higher Scores Test Prep is our trusted partner for on demand test prep courses.