The MCAT is hard.

Because it’s one of the most important pieces of your medical school application, the MCAT is also incredibly nerve-racking. You can achieve high grades for years and complete hundreds—if not thousands—of hours across various extracurricular activities, but if you don’t do well on the MCAT, your chances of getting into your dream med schools will sink, big time.

While your pre reqs teach you the bio, chem, and physics you need to do well, the MCAT isn’t simply a science test. In fact, you can study all the science you want, but if you don’t master MCAT strategy, you won’t even scratch your highest possible score.

Unfortunately, MCAT prep materials are insufficient for most students. They focus far too much on test content, but don’t adequately teach you how to apply the information to do well on the exam.

And then, there’s the CARS section, which stumps even the best test takers. You can read passage after passage to learn how to approach reading comprehension on the MCAT, but most students never really get it. As a result, some of the strongest students ace the science sections but have an imbalanced score profile due to a low CARS score, and perhaps even a low Psych/Soc score.

Rather than let a low or so-so MCAT score compromise your chances of getting into your dream medical schools, you should prep for the MCAT the right way. Study the content that will actually be covered on the exam, and then focus on proven test-taking strategies to achieve your maximum score. That way, you won’t wonder whether you left any points on the table.

However, you may not know what content is covered and what’s extra. You may also not be the best test taker and therefore not know the right strategies to do your best.

This is where we come in. Our experienced tutors, all of whom achieved at or above the 99th percentile, can help you maximize your MCAT scores—and by extension, your odds of getting into your top-choice programs.

Meet some of our MCAT tutors

SID tippireddy, Md (in progress), U chicago

SID tippireddy, Md (in progress), U chicago

SAM sadler, md (in progress), harvard

SAM sadler, md (in progress), harvard

SID Ramesh, Md (in progress), U chicago

SID Ramesh, Md (in progress), U chicago

Kathy ku, md (in progress), stanford

Kathy ku, md (in progress), stanford

How we can help you maximize your MCAT score

Our MCAT tutoring services are designed to:

  • Help you identify strengths and weaknesses to help you focus on the right areas

  • Develop an individually-tailored study timeline and strategy to help you raise your score efficiently

  • Help you review practice questions and distill mistake patterns so you won’t keep making the same errors

  • Provide accountability so you can consistently get better

  • Support you whenever you're feeling super stressed or under intense pressure

What differentiates us from other MCAT tutors

99th %ile Scorers

Shemmassian Academic Consulting MCAT score 99th percentile.png

All of our MCAT tutors scored at or above the 99th percentile on the exam. That doesn’t happen by accident, and it takes more than intelligence to score that high. Our tutors know exactly what you need to focus on to maximize your results.

Highly Accessible

Shemmassian Academic Consulting Accessible MCAT Tutors.png

Want to schedule a prep session ASAP? Have a specific question that you want answered quickly? You can contact us anytime and we’ll respond swiftly and thoughtfully.

Total Support

Shemmassian Academic Consulting MCAT Total Support.png

In addition to asking us technical MCAT questions and sending us practice questions for review, you should never hesitate to reach out even if they just want to vent. The MCAT prep process is intellectually and emotionally tough, and we want to support you however we can.

Our MCAT tutoring plans

Below is a list of our MCAT tutoring plans. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, please contact us with your needs so we can create a custom service plan or payment plan that fits your goals and budget.

We work with a limited number of students per admissions cycle, so please sign up today to make sure you don't miss out!

White Coat
Plans 1:1 Private Tutoring 99th %ile Tutor Individualized Study Schedule Content Tutoring Strategy Tutoring Score Increase Guarantee Plan Investment
(10 Hours)
Included Included Included Included Included Not Included $1,999
(25 Hours)
Included Included Included Included Included Included $4,299
White Coat
(40 Hours)
Included Included Included Included Included Included $5,999

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Frequently asked questions

+ Whom will I be tutored by?

You will work with an experienced MCAT tutor who scored at the 99th percentile.

+ Is tutoring done in person or online?

Tutoring is done over video, where you can work with your advisor face-to-face, share screens, and draw on a virtual whiteboard. Your tutor will help you achieve your maximum MCAT score, regardless of however you learn best.

+ How many hours of tutoring do you recommend?

It depends on your starting point and score target. However, most students sign up for 25 or 40 hours of tutoring to ensure that they receive the maximum benefit. Please email Dr. Shemmassian ( with questions about your tutoring needs.

+ Can I sign up for hourly tutoring instead of a plan?

You're indeed welcome to sign up for a la carte tutoring for $219/hr here.

+ How does the score increase guarantee work?

You will have to take an official, full-length practice exam to establish a baseline score. If you do not see a score increase on another official, full-length practice exam, you will be eligible to receive another 5 hours of tutoring, at no additional charge.

Have a question not answered here? Please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

What to do next: Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation

If you feel anywhere near as confident in our support as we are in our ability to help you achieve your max MCAT score, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Founder, Dr. Shirag Shemmassian. It would be a pleasure to discuss how we can support your MCAT prep!