Does any of this sound familiar?

  • "I'm struggling to identify my child's unique qualities that will help them stand out on their college applications."

  • "Getting into a great college these days is much harder than when I applied."

  • "I want my child to have the same educational, career, and financial opportunities I had, but I'm not sure how to help them."

  • "I'm unsure about which classes my child should take or what extracurricular activities they should participate in to impress college admissions committees."

  • "I'm worried about making a huge mistake that will ruin my child's college admissions chances."

  • "Our high school counselor cannot give my child the personalized attention they need because they're overwhelmed with so many students."

  • "There's a lot of college admissions advice online, but I don't know what's accurate and what's wrong."

  • "I knew how to navigate the college admissions system decades ago, but I don't know how it is these days."

If so, you've come to the right place.

My name is Dr. Shirag Shemmassian, founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting. Our group helps high-achieving high school students get into America's top colleges.

Over 90% of our students get into at least one of their top 3 colleges. For over a decade, we've learned exactly what it takes to get into Ivy League and other elite colleges—and we want to help your child do the same.


  • Never having to worry about doing college admissions research yourself. Instead, you can turn to trusted advisors to guide your family through the process.

  • Watching your child scream in excitement when they receive a letter from their dream college that starts with "Congratulations" and not "We regret to inform you..."

  • Proudly telling other parents which college your child will attend, rather than have to justify the decision to send them to a community college.

  • Knowing deep down that you've given your child every opportunity to become a successful adult.

Our goal is to help your child stand out in the college admissions process while pursuing the classes and activities they love. Moreover, we're to help your child prepare the absolute best college applications they can.

Would you like us to help you make that happen?

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Meet your advisors

Shirag Shemmassian.jpg

Shirag Shemmassian, Ph.D. / Founder & Head Admissions Consultant

B.S., Cornell | Ph.D., UCLA | Former Admissions Interviewer, Cornell

In addition to providing premium 1-on-1 college admissions support for a handful of students each year, we offer pro bono seminars and the best free articles on all things admissions.

We encourage you to send questions about any aspect of college admissions; we'll respond within 24 hours. In addition, if you'd like to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation call with me to discuss how we can support your admissions journey, simply click here.

Cate Vogl Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Cate Vogl, M.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., USC | M.A., USC | Psy.D. (in progress), The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Oz Hasbun Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Oz Hasbún, M.D. / Admissions Consultant

B.S., Stanford | M.D., Columbia

Deisy Del Real Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Deisy Del Real, B.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Grinnell | Ph.D. (in progress), UCLA

Suan Tuang Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Suan Tuang, B.S. / Admissions Consultant

B.S., MIT | M.D./Ph.D. (in progress), Harvard and MIT

Nicole Leung Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Nicole Leung, B.S. / Admissions Consultant

B.S., Occidental College | Ph.D. (in progress), UCSB

Vish Sridharan Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Vish Sridharan, B.S. / Admissions Consultant

B.S., UNC Chapel Hill | M.D./M.B.A. (in progress), Harvard and MIT

Daily Guerrero Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Daily Guerrero, J.D. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Harvard | J.D., Columbia

Sanjena Sathian Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Sanjena Sathian, B.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Yale | M.F.A. in Creative Writing (in progress), Iowa

Nairi Hartooni Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Nairi Hartooni, B.S. / Admissions Consultant

B.S., UC Berkeley | Ph.D. (in progress), UCSF

Caleb Gayle Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Caleb Gayle, M.S. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Oklahoma | M.S., Oxford | M.B.A. (in progress), Harvard

Jason Warrington Shemmassian Academic Consulting.JPG

Jason Warrington, B.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Princeton | Master of Environmental Management (in progress), Yale | J.D. (in progress), NYU

Aya Saed Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Aya Saed, J.D. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Penn | M.P.A., Princeton | J.D., Harvard

Sanjay Kishore Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Sanjay Kishore, B.S. / Admissions Consultant

B.S., Duke | M.D. (in progress), Harvard

Akash Patel Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Akash Patel, B.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Oklahoma | J.D. (in progress), Michigan

Teresa Wang Shemmassian Academic Consulting.JPG

Teresa Wang, M.B.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A./B.S., Penn | M.B.A., Harvard

Anthony So Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Anthony So, B.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Stanford | M.F.A. (in progress), Syracuse

Suchita Nety Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Suchita Nety, B.S. / Admissions Consultant

B.S., Caltech | M.D./Ph.D. (in progress), Harvard and MIT

Natalia Reyes Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Natalia Reyes, B.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., UC Berkeley | M.F.A. in English (in progress), Iowa

Alex Torres Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Alex Torres, B.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Stanford | Ph.D. in English Literature (in progress), UC Berkeley

Kathy Ku Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Kathy Ku, M.S. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Harvard | M.S., Harvard | M.B.A. (in progress), Harvard | M.D. (in progress), Stanford

Shivani Radhakrishnan Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Shivani Radhakrishnan, M.Phil. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Princeton | M.Phil., Oxford | Ph.D. (in progress), Columbia

Vinayak Muralidhar Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpg

Vinayak Muralidhar, M.D. / Admissions Consultant

B.S., MIT | M.Sc., Oxford | M.D., Harvard

Andrew Ridker ShemmassianAcademicConsulting.jpeg

Andrew Ridker, B.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Washington University in St. Louis | M.F.A. (in progress), Iowa

Mack Basham- Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpeg

William “Mack” Basham, M.F.A. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Georgetown | M.F.A., Iowa

Chidi Akusobi- Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpeg

Chidi Akusobi, M.Phil. / Admissions Consultant

B.S., Yale | M.Phil., Cambridge | M.D./Ph.D. (in progress), Harvard 

Josh Morris Shemmassian Academic Consulting.jpeg

Josh Morris, J.D. / Admissions Consultant

B.A., Colgate | J.D., American

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