[Video] When Should High School Students Begin Working on Their College Applications?

When should your child begin working on their college applications? How early is too early to get started on college essays?

I encourage your child to get started on their college essays during the summer before senior year. That way, your child can get a ton of hard work out of the way before their tough senior year classes begin.

Writing college essays over the summer also leaves time for your child to apply early action or early decision and still get feedback from their counselor or teacher at the start of the school year.

The Common App, Coalition App, and University of California application all release their essay prompts before summer, so your child has plenty of time to think about and work on their essays before applications actually open.

However, there are several things your child should focus on before starting their college essays.

The first is prepping for and taking the ACT or SAT. Second, your child should make sure to end the school year on a high academic note. Grades and ACT and SAT scores carry tremendous weight in the college admissions process, with grades being the most important factor. Your child should also speak with their college counselor to develop a challenging course load for senior year, plan out their summer, and create a balanced college list that fits their needs, goals, and budget.

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