[Video] Which is Better: A "B" in an Honors or AP Class or an "A" in a Regular Class?

Is it better to receive a "B" in an AP or Honors class or an "A" in a regular class?

College admissions committees often say that it’s best to get an "A" in an AP or Honors class, which is obvious. But practically speaking, what should your child do?

The short answer is that it’s better to get a "B" in the AP or Honors class because selective colleges want to see that students are challenging themselves academically, but also that they’re mastering the material. Getting a "C" or "D" in the class, therefore, is a sign that students should rethink their course placement.

Perhaps even more important than their letter grade, however, is a student’s score on the actual AP exam they take in May. AP exams, which are scored on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the highest, allow colleges to compare students’ mastery of a subject across schools. For example, a student with a "B" in the AP class but a 4 on the AP exam will impress college admissions committees more than a student with an "A" in the AP class but a 2 on the AP exam.

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